Your home is your sanctuary. It is the location that you spend the most time in. And for this reason you want your home to have some personality, but also be the cheerful home that when other people visit they are amazed at home open, bright and cheerful this home is. With this being said, one of the best ways to set this type of tone for a home is through the paint colors that are used on the walls.

What are the top 3 colours for an open, bright home?

For those who are looking to make their home looking bright and open, you are going to find that there are three colours that many people swear by:

  • Go with some shade of white. Bright white is a great option for those who are putting splashes of colour throughout a room with the décor.
  • Subtle grays are going to give a dash of colour, while still being a nice neutral to put with various décor.
  • Go with a shade of yellow. Yellow is so bright and cheerful that it can make any space feel open and bright, no matter the size. You will find several shades of yellow to choose from to fit your personality.

How to choose the best colour for walls?

There are several ways in which you can choose the best colour for your walls. You will find that you can choose this based on your personality to give your home that one of a kind feel. You may even decide to go with what the professionals recommend. That is the beauty of choosing a wall colour, the sky’s the limit.

What is the best paint colour for a bedroom?

Most people would think that any colour will work for a bedroom, and that is the case. However, for those who are looking to make this bedroom feel warm and comforting for them to allow for an even better night’s sleep, they are going to find that rich colours that are darker can do this for them. Many people decide to do one wall with a dark colour and going with neutral on other walls to see how well this helps them feel in the bedroom.

What are the best paint colours for an open floor plan?

When it comes to an open floor plan, the key issue that homeowners have to deal with is the fact that if you stand in a certain location throughout the home, you can see all the walls in various rooms. Therefore, you have to make sure that you are painting the walls colours that are going to work together. One of the best pieces of advice to remember is that you should stick to a colour palette and you may want to consider going with neutral colours to make it work better.

Is there a certain colour that is always a winning option for a foyer?

When painting a foyer, you need to consider the size of this. Darker colours can make this foyer feel smaller. For this reason, many people go with a tone of white for their foyer to give a good first impression when people walk into the home.

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