Painting the interior or exterior of your house is one of the most effective ways to increase your home’s value and enhance its aesthetic appeal. However, when it comes to painting, you might be faced with a dilemma of whether to hire a professional house painter or go the DIY route. Both options have their advantages and disadvantages, but in this article, we will highlight seven benefits of hiring a professional house painter over DIY. So, if you are a homeowner or business owner based in Brisbane and looking for professional painting services, read on to discover the benefits of hiring a professional painter.

✔ Quality Workmanship

Professional house painters have extensive training and experience in painting. They have the skills, expertise and equipment to ensure that the paint job is done to the highest standards. They take the time to prepare the surfaces properly, repair any defects, and use top-quality paint that will last for years.

✔ Time-Saving:

Painting is a time-consuming task that can take several days or even weeks to complete, depending on the size of the project. When you hire professional house painters, they will work efficiently to complete the project as per your timeline. This means you can focus on other important things while they take care of the painting.

✔ Safety

Painting can be hazardous, especially when it involves working at heights or handling hazardous chemicals. Professional house painters have the necessary safety equipment and training to ensure that the painting is done in a safe environment.

✔ Cost-Effective

Hiring a professional house painter may seem expensive at first, but in the long run, it is more cost-effective than DIY. A professional painter will use top-quality materials that will last much longer than cheap paint, and they will ensure that the surfaces are properly prepared, reducing the need for repainting. In addition, you won’t have to buy or rent expensive painting equipment and tools, which will save you money.

✔ Increased Home Value

A fresh coat of paint can significantly increase the value of your home. If you are looking to sell your home, hiring a professional house painter to give it a facelift can increase its resale value and make it more attractive to potential buyers.

✔ Hassle-Free

Painting is a messy and stressful job that requires a lot of preparation and clean-up. When you hire a professional house painter, you don’t have to worry about cleaning up the mess or disposing of hazardous materials. They will take care of all the details and leave your home looking clean and beautiful.

✔ Professional Advice

Professional house painters can provide you with valuable advice on the right colours, paint finishes, and design trends that will enhance your home’s beauty and value. They have the knowledge and expertise to help you choose the best colour schemes and paint products that will suit your style and preferences.


In conclusion, hiring a professional house painter has several advantages over DIY. The benefits of quality workmanship, time-saving, safety, cost-effectiveness, increased home value, hassle-free painting, and professional advice make it a worthwhile investment for homeowners and business owners. So, if you are based in Brisbane and looking for professional painting services, contact a reputable painting company that has a track record of delivering high-quality painting services.

And speaking for a reputable company, Simco Decorating is here ready to go above and beyond to help you.

Who is Simco Decorating?

Simco Decorating is owned and managed by Simon Parancin.

Simon Parancin acquired his qualification and embarked on his painting and decorating career in 1997 in Canberra, ACT.

After becoming certified in painting and decorating and working alongside some of the capital’s finest painting companies, Simon honed his craftsmanship and knowledge, laying the foundation for his own venture, Simon Parancin.

Through years of experience and expertise, Simon’s skill set culminated in the establishment of a dependable and passionate team, resulting in the formation of Simco Decorating Painting and Finishes Pty Ltd by 2000.

Simco Decorating has since relocated to Brisbane and eagerly anticipates providing Queensland residents with top-quality painting services.

If you’re in Brisbane looking for top quality painting and decorating services without any hassle – contact Simon today.