There is nothing like a fresh coat of paint to make your house look as good as new. But, how much does it cost to paint your house?

The cost of painting your house will depend on several factors. But, to give you a ballpark figure, the average cost to paint the interiors of a house is about $20 to $30 per square metre.

To understand what it costs to get your house painted, you need to understand how the industry works. This article will give you a few insights into the cost of painting a house in Brisbane.

Please note that the figures given are just estimates. The exact cost may vary depending on the complexity of the job and a host of other factors.

Cost of Painting the Interiors of a House

Let us take a look at the average costs of painting a house in Australia. These are just guidelines to give you an idea, the actual cost may vary.

Painting Cost Per Square Meter
Painting Interior Of A House $20-$30
Painting Interiors With Extra Work/Wallpapering $30-$40

The average cost of painting the interiors of a house with one undercoat and two finishing layers, including the ceiling, is $20 to $30 per square metre.

The estimate is based on minimal prep, just one colour, and no trim work. For more than one colour in the room, or special finishes and effects, expect the cost to go up. The cost will also go up in case you want things like wallpaper. The cost could go up to $30 to $40 per square metre.

At Simco Decorating, you get a professional job done by qualified experts with over 22 years of experience. This family-run business makes sure to do proper prep of all surfaces and a clean up after the job is completed.

Cost of Painting the Exteriors of a House

Here are some estimates of painting exteriors in Australia. This is just a guideline, the actual costs may vary.

Painting Cost Per Square Meter
Painting Exteriors Of A House $14-$45
Painting Timber Exteriors $12-$60

To paint the exterior of a house, expect to pay $14 to $45 per square metre. For timber surfaces, the price could be $12 to $60 per square metre. Remember timber surfaces require different prep, painting, and care.

Also, keep in mind that the prices may go up if the work involves some level of complexity and if there is trim work. The price may also increase if the exterior surface needs some repairs. The finish that you select for the exteriors can also add to the cost.

Expect to pay anywhere from $5,000 to $20,000 depending on the size of the house and the condition of the surfaces.

If you need more information about house painting costs, contact us today.

How House Painters Can Help

You may think that painting a house is no big deal. However, there is a lot of work that goes into it.

The surfaces need to be cleaned and prepared. This step also involves repairing and filling in areas that may be damaged. Then the undercoat needs to go on. After that, you have the finishing coats.

The work gets more complicated if you have more than one colour in a room or if the room has trim that you want in a different colour. If you want any special effects, this complicates the job further.

We suggest that you first get estimates from a few different professionals for whatever painting you want to be done in your house. Then decide on the most qualified and competent one of them to do the job.

Plan Before you Start

You must plan out exactly what you want before you start. Of course, keep an open mind because the professionals that you hire will also give you their recommendations.

  • You may want to consult with someone regarding the best colour scheme for your home, whether it is the interiors or the exteriors.
  • Next is to decide the kind of finish you want: gloss or matte.
  • Then you may want to decide on the kind of paint you want to use: emulsion, oil, acrylic.
  • What are the finishes that you want and wallpaper, if any?
  • What kind of finish do you want for the doors and windows in the house?

Once you have a plan in mind, you can get estimates. Like we said earlier, keep an open mind to tweak and improve your plan before you finalise the deal. And, please be very clear about what you want.

Hiring a Professional Painter

Before you hire painters to do the job, you need to ask yourself, and them, a few questions.

  • Are they licensed? Not all states require painters to be licensed. But it is preferable to have a painter with proper certification, like a Certificate III Painting and Decorating certification. At least you are then assured of a good job.
  • Will the painter give you a quote with the estimated cost and a full breakdown of the cost? Make sure you ask for one so that you can hold them to account if things go wrong at a later stage. Make sure the estimate has the estimated time it will take to complete the job.
  • Make sure that the professionals you hire have some good solid references. It is always better to go with professional services that have a good track record, good references, and satisfied customers.

One factor to keep in mind is that hiring the lowest-priced professional may not be a very good idea. When it comes to painting the interiors and/or exteriors of your house, less is not more. You should hire a mid-range professional. And one with good references.

Getting Quotes

When asking for quotes for the painting of your house, the most important thing is that you need to be clear about what you want. The more detail you can provide about what you want, the more accurate the quote will be. If the professional or agency understands exactly what you want it will be easier for them to give you a more accurate quote.

When you get a quote, make sure that you clarify what each expense head involves. You do not want any nasty surprises or an increase in cost once the job has started. Be sure to question each item on the quote. Also, ensure that you get a quote with as many details as possible.

Remember painters quote per square metre. The cost of painting doors and windows is different. Also, any repairs and special requirements may cost extra. Make sure your quote has all the costs written down so that you know what you are paying for.

Just keep in mind, the quote is just an estimate. The actual expense may be slightly higher or lower.


#1 What is the average cost of painting a house in Brisbane?

On average, painting the interiors of a house in Brisbane could cost anywhere from $20 to $30 per square metre. For exteriors, it could be between $15 to $45. For timber, it could cost between $12 and $60 per square metre.

Depending on the complexity of the job and the size of your house, painting your house can set you back by anywhere from $5,000 to $20,000.

#2 Do I need to hire a qualified painter?

That depends entirely on you and that state where you reside. However, it is a good idea to hire a qualified professional or agency that has qualified professionals. That way, you are assured of a good job.

#3 Can I do the house painting on my own? It is too expensive to hire professionals.

It may seem a straightforward enough task to paint your house yourself to save on the high cost of hiring professionals. However, we highly recommend that you hire professionals like Simco Decorating to do the job because painting a house involves a lot of other things like prep, repairs, etc.


Painting a house in Brisbane can be quite a daunting task. Make sure you plan well ahead of time and get as much information as possible before you go in for repainting your house. Hire a well-known and reputable professional or agency like Simco Decorating to handle the painting.

Contact us today if you need help with your painting project in Brisbane.