Are you looking for the best house painters in Brisbane? This article will help you choose a painter that’s right for you!

There are so many painting companies in Brisbane claiming that they are top-rated, trusted, the best etc, making home and business owners confused on which company to choose. In this article, we will share with you the tips to narrow down your search for the best house painters for your next project.

If you do your search online, you can see loads of tips telling you things like, look for as many contractors as possible and request a quote. While this is helpful, this can also get you confused dealing with so many companies and asking them for quotes. To eliminate the unnecessary steps that Brisbane property owners do when looking for a painting company or contractor, we have created this blog post. Read on to learn more…

1. Reputation & Qualification

Regardless of the size of your project, choosing a painting company of good standing and qualification should be your top priority. The painting project is not something that you do every year; in fact, a professionally done painting using high-quality brands like Dulux, Taubmans or Haymes can last up to 10 years. Smart home and business owners always prefer qualified and professional painters over cheaper ones. As an award-winning painting company in Brisbane, we strongly suggest, choosing a painting company of good reputation and qualification – should you wish your investment to last for many years to come.

2. Experience

You want to make sure that you are dealing with a contractor that is highly experienced. To know if you’re dealing with an experienced painter, you can ask about previous projects they have completed, nominations or awards they have received in the painting industry, or testimonials from past clients. An experienced painting contractor or company would be more than happy to provide these for you.

It’s critical that you deal with an experienced painter and decorator who can help you choose which colours, shades, paint styles & brand best suits your property. Remember that paint is also your home’s first line of defence against harsh weather, pests, insects and other damages, so make sure to choose materials that can withstand all the factors mentioned above. Note that an experienced painting contractor would be able to work along with you, providing you with all the details you need while addressing any queries you might have.

3. Awards

Not all house painters receive awards. If you find a painting team who are awardee, then don’t think twice! The Master Painter’s Association of Australia is highly strict, upholding highest standards when it comes to giving awards to painters. If the contractors you’re dealing with have been nominated, a finalist or is award-winning, then it would be a good idea to include them in your list of potential contractors.

4. Accreditation

A good painting company or contractor are accredited and certified painters. For instance, Dulux certified and accredited painters. At Simco Decorating, we are accredited painters by Dulux, Taubman’s & Haymes. This is because our skills and expertise are tested and proven for over 22 years of providing top-quality painting services in Brisbane and surrounding areas.

5. Warranty

Top-quality painting can last for many years. If you are dealing with a specialised, experienced and a professional painting company, they should back up their work with a warranty. Also, make sure to confirm if they offer after-sales support. At Simco Decorating, we offer before and after-sales support.

6. Specialisations

Just because you are a painter doesn’t mean you know how to handle any painting project – this is not how it works. When it comes to specialisations, there are so many painting categories that you can consider, like residential, commercial, industrial, interior, exterior, wall, roof painting and so many more. If you after house painters, look for specialised painting experts on domestic, residential or house painting. A skilled house painter would be able to use advanced techniques to ensure quality finish – that’s visually appealing and long-lasting!

If you’re unsure on which company to choose to handle your painting project or if you’re looking to hire professional painters in Brisbane, consider Simco Decorating. Award-winning, professional, reliable and highly qualified team! Call 0400 028 500 to get started.

7. Trustworthiness

Last but not least, find painters that you can trust. When it comes to finding trustworthy painting company, there are several factors that you have to consider like, the number of years they have been in the industry, the number of painting projects they have completed, quality of reviews they received from past clients, their credibility and accreditation. At Simco Decorating, we are Brisbane Painting experts you can trust. Check this blog post to see why we say we’re trustworthy enough.