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Simco Decorating is a local Canberra company servicing the ACT & surrounding NSW regions. Our company delivers qualified & accredited painting and decorating.

House Painters Canberra 

Are you looking for Canberra house painters that are highly experienced, award winning, qualified, certified with top quality customer service? We can help! We’re Canberra’s trusted and top rated experts in house painting and decorating.

As an acclaimed painting & decorating specialist with over 22 years of professional experience, SIMCO Decorating is a family-run credited and certified business. We offer a vast range of painting & decorating services for projects of any shape or size, and our customise approach means that we tailor every one of our projects to the individual—there’s no one size fits all approach here.

Whether you’re remodelling your interior or exterior, your project is commercial or residential, you live in a new-build, or you need to restore a historic heritage structure, we have the expertise to get the job done.

We’re a team of highly-skilled, insured, licensed and professional painters passionate about transforming dull properties in Canberra into a visually appealing place.

We’re confident with our completed work that we back it up with a 5-year warranty plus a 100% satisfaction guarantee. We are a proud member of the Master Painters Association of NSW & ACT, and an Award-Winning Painters Company in Canberra. Learn more about our awards here.

Being an award-winning company means that our clients are getting high quality, honest service that they can trust. With pride in our work, we will make sure that our clients are 100% happy with the result of each project.

We give thanks to the Master Painters Australia (MPA (NSW and ACT) for the Awards. Simco Decorating is looking forward to putting more projects forward for nomination in the coming years.

Are you looking to hire our Canberra Painters? Give us a call on 0400 028 500.

Note: We are open for business while taking every precaution to ensure our clients and staff’s safety. Please keep supporting Australian companies!

Dulux X Watyl

5 Year Painter's Workmanship Warranty

We are a trade qualified professional house painters & decorators, and we can provide you with 5 Year Workmanship Warranty.

The Warranty guarantees that the coating system applied will not peel, flake or blister for five years as a result of faulty surface preparation or application of the coating system, subject to the conditions laid out in the Warranty document.

Should you require more information feel free to call us at ?0400 028 500.

Our Services

We’re Canberra’s trusted & award-winning house painters and decorators. We high-quality painting services, and finishes. We offer painting and decorating services to home, office, school, church, strata, and buildings of historical value. Should need further details about our expertise, feel free to call us at ?0400 028 500

Our long list of specialist painting, decorating & restoration services include…

  • Heritage painting

  • Restoration & conservation work

  • Decorative finishes
    (including modern, traditional & faux)

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  • Gold leaf gilding

  • Graining & marbling finishes

  • Application of Porter’s Paints
    (premium paints & speciality finishes)

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Repainting Specialists & heritage painting

SIMCO’s repainting skills are exceptional. Browse our extensive range of services and see for yourself.

Traditional painting & decorating finishes

We offer traditional painting and decorating finishes that are flawless and eye-catching in equal measures.

Your Trusted House Painting Experts in Canberra

Not only do we offer a five-year painter’s workmanship warranty for your peace of mind but we are completely transparent and open at every stage of the project. We treat every one of our clients and customers as individuals and will never sign off a job until it meets every single one of your needs, down to the very last detail.

Why Choose Us

Find out more about SIMCO Decorating and what we do by exploring these reasons to choose us for your next project.

Family Owned And Operated

We are a family run business with a reputation built on trust and integrity. Being a family run business, we have strong unified leadership and are able to keep costs and expenditure down, have stability, show flexibility and versatility and have a long term vision and goals.

22 Years Experience

Simon Parancin obtained his qualification in 1997 in Canberra and has been working and running businesses in the painting industry for over 22 years. With that experience comes a wealth of industry knowledge, strong industry connections, and a keen eye for quality and detail.

Pride In Our Workmanship

We make sure that both our clients and our staff are 100% happy with the end result of each project. Any touch-ups are promptly rectified. We regularly survey our customers to check for satisfaction and find ways to improve what we do.


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Frequently Asked Questions About Canberra’s House Painting

Is hiring painters to paint my house in Canberra worth it?

Yes, depending on who you employ to do the job. Professional painters in Canberra can paint your house using advanced techniques with top-quality paints like Dulux, Taubmans, and Haymes. Simco can also guarantee you with high-quality finishes that can last over a decade. Hiring amateur painters or doing it yourself is not a good choice. If you are after long term benefits and a lasting finish, it’s best to hire professional house painters. Another thing to consider is that professional painters will do it right the first time. If you don’t want to deal with a myriad of issues down the line, get professional painters near you that can offer you high-quality results!

What should I expect in exterior house painting from Simco Decorating?

If you choose us to handle your painting project, at any point in Canberra, we can show you the breakdown of labour & material cost, (including primer and paint), the brand of paints we will use, the quality of finish, preparation of the surfaces, as well as the timeframe, and our process. We make sure you have clarity with everything about the project and deliveries. From start to finish, you will be dealing with the same professional painters, who will not only offer you with the best finishes but will also handle all queries you might have. You can view our recent projects here, to get more information about the quality of our work. Should you wish to see our past clients’ testimonials, visit here.

How long has Simco Decorating been in the painting industry?

Simco Decorating has been providing professional painting services and top-quality finishes to Canberra homes and businesses for over 22 years. After becoming qualified in painting & decorating and working alongside some of the capital’s best painting companies, Simon Parancin developed his craftsmanship & knowledge that led to the beginning of Simco Decorating.

Does Simco Decorating offer a warranty on their painting projects?

Yes, we offer a 5-year warranty with a guarantee of top-quality workmanship and premium quality finishes. We also offer 100% customer satisfaction–giving you peace of mind and great value for your money!

Does Simco Decorating offer professional advice?

Simco Decorating is not only a team of professional painters but also experts in providing great advice to home and business owners who wish to prolong the life of their painted surfaces.

I have just purchased a new house in Canberra and I want the exterior repainted. Can you help me?

Yes, we would be more than happy to help you! We are the best exterior painters in Canberra. In fact, last year we won The Project of the Year Awards (Domestic & Wall Coverings) on Master Painters NSW Awards for Excellence. The awards we received are the epitome of high standards in the painting industry and are a true sign of elite craftsmanship and professionalism. For Simco Decorating’s Founder and Director, winning these awards means recognition for years of hard work refining processes and perfecting skills.

I own a heritage house in Canberra that looks dull. Can Simco Decorating make it look beautiful again?

Absolutely! Restoring and keeping the historical features of heritage homes in Canberra is one of our specializations. Here’s one of our latest projects. If you are after a neat, clean, and professional painting job with the perfect finish – we’ve got you covered.

How much does interior house painting cost in Canberra?

Generally, pricing can vary from your location and condition of your surface. See further details below on pricing.

An estimate of $20 to $30 per square metre is the standard for interior painting costs. It largely depends on the quality of materials used, the condition of the property and the expertise of the tradesperson.

You can save a lot of money if you deal with professional painters that back up their workmanship with a good warranty and use quality materials. As with most things, you get what you pay for. The cheaper options can end up costing more in the long run, as the work will need to be repaired and even repainted in a short period of time.

Is Simco Decorating certified and have insured painters?

At Simco Decorating, we only hire fully qualified painters who are fully licensed and fully insured for workers’ compensation & public liability for up to 20 million dollars.

How long has Simco Decorating been in the business?

Simco Decorating has been servicing the Canberra region since 1997.

Can I leave my home while your painting team works?

No worries, you are not required to be at home while we prepare and paint the surfaces. Our family-run business has a reputation for being trustworthy and providing a quality result for you.

Can I see the previous projects you have completed in Canberra?

Yes, you can view past projects in the Gallery on our website, our Instagram, and Facebook pages.

What brands of paint do you use?

We primarily use Taubmans, Haymes, and Dulux paints.

Why should I choose Simco Decorating for my painting project In Canberra?

Simco Decorating is an award-winning and family-owned business, with a reputation built on trust and integrity. We have over 22 years of industry experience and back ourselves up with a 5-year workmanship warranty. We always take pride in our workmanship. That’s why you’re assured that your painting project will be in great hands.

OK, I've decided to hire you to paint my house in Canberra. Where do we go from here?

Once you have accepted our digital quote, an invoice will be sent to you for a deposit to lock in your job. From there, we will schedule you for a mutually agreed time to paint your house/property. And leave the rest to us!

Can you tell me the best season to paint?

Summer in Canberra is an ideal time to paint the external surfaces of your property. Internals can be done during both summer and winter.

What are the benefits of hiring an award-winning painting contractor in Canberra?

You know you’ll get excellent results when you can see proof of quality work with great value for money. When we apply for awards, (and win!), it demonstrates our confidence, pride, and the level of the calibre we have to offer. Here are tips on how to find the best house painters… read more

I do not know what paint colour to choose for my house. Can you help me?

Yes, we have a colour consultant that we work closely with who will gladly assist you with the selection. Here’s a blog article that might be able to help you find the best paint colours for your Canberra home.

Is Simco Decorating insured and licensed?

At Simco Decorating, we only hire fully qualified painters who are fully licensed and fully insured for workers’ compensation & public liability for up to 20 million dollars.

How can you tell if a paint job is bad?

It depends, but a lot of it comes down to bad preparation or incorrect application of materials.  A job is bad if it looks like the paint is bubbling, peeling, chalky, or it comes off on your hands when you wipe on the walls. At any point that you think that it doesn’t look right, you can always give us a call to have a look. We will do a free inspection of the paintwork.

Why does my paint job look patchy?

This will come down to poor preparation and application.

Do you offer commercial painting services?

Yes, we focus on small to medium commercial; including office fit-outs.

How long does it take to paint a two-storey house in Canberra?

It may take around 2 weeks to paint. However, it will depend on the house. The awesome thing is that we can visit you for an obligation-free quote!

Apart from residential and commercial painting, what other services do you provide?

We have decorative finishes, wallpapering, epoxy, pool painting, and roof painting.

Do you offer a FREE quote?

We sure do – contact us now for your free quote Call us on 0400 028 500 or click here to request for fast free quotes.

What Our Customers Say

Home - Home
Tenille Elise
Highly Recommend

Simon went above and beyond. His customer service was excellent. Simon (and Mitch) did a wonderful job colour matching and repainting several interior walls upstairs, repainting the skirting boards and doors and painting the new ceiling and sliding door of our recently renovated bathroom. Simon also provided really useful advice about a number of future projects we are planning. We would highly recommend him and his team.

Joy Robertson
Joy Robertson
Workmanship was Excellent

SIMCO Decorating were professional and pleasant to deal with. We consulted with Simon on colour and textures which resulted in a great outcome. Their workmanship was excellent and value for money. Congratulations Simon and team in making an arduous experience quite pleasurable.

Rohan Calvert
Rohan Calvert
Quality Work

Simon at Simco is a professional; the team at Simco do quality work and take care and responsibility.

Keep up the good work!