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Wall Mural Transforms Croatian Club

by | Dec 8, 2020 | Wall Mural, Croatian Club

In October (2020) Simco Decorating initiated a community project with the Australian-Croatian Club O’Connor to complete a wall mural in the club hall.

Simon Parancin (Founder and Director of Simco Decorating) is a long-term member of the Club himself and joined the committee this year. Simon enjoys volunteering his time in the Club and the restaurant and says it is a great Club to be involved in. Simon suggested painting a mural on the internal wall in the main hall, to brighten up the room and the Club itself.

As a way of giving back to the Club and the community, Simon completed the project at no cost and provided all materials and his own time to paint the mural. Simon partnered with a local painter and artist Simon Sawell who also donated his time and unique skills for the project.

The mural is a monochromatic image of the O’Connor Knights Soccer Club logo and the outcome speaks for itself.

The two-man team spent four hours painting the mural by hand, using a projector to project the image onto the wall.

Simon (Simco Decorating) plans to continue to support the club and plans to assist with future maintenance of the building as well as sponsorship of the soccer team. He is also looking to do some maintenance work on 2 churches in his local parish when he can.

Feedback on the mural has been overwhelmingly positive. Some of the comments on Instagram and Facebook include:

“That is awesome work!!! Very impressive.”
“Love it!”
“WOW mate. That’s outstanding.”
“Looks fantastic!”
“WOW looks Awesome!”
“Well done.”

You can even see the mural on the Club’s Facebook page, we have spotted it in one of their recent videos! –


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