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Tips To Save Money on House Painting

by | Nov 26, 2020 | House Painting, Canberra

Giving your home a new look definitely results in having a refreshing ambience that adds value to your property and can even uplift your mood. Most people think that house painting is a costly hassle, which prevents them from achieving an elegant & brand-new look. 

At Simco Decorating, we believe otherwise. Don’t believe us? Well, we have prepared a rundown of tips to save money on house painting just for you! Read on to know about our ways and tricks in helping you cut down on house painting expenses. 

Hiring A Professional Team of Painters 

A professional company that renders the best painting solutions genuinely cares for the value of your home. As such, they have prepared a team of professional and expert painters to be with you from the initial assessment all the way through the completion process. If you rely on a professional company, expect their reliability by giving you upfront rates, and providing many affordable alternatives without compromising the quality of your house painting needs. 

Our team at Simco Decorating does exactly that! We take pride in our workmanship, which has given us the privilege of being the recipient of multiple awards and accreditations. 

We offer a complete house painting service from the initial assessment all the way to the final touches! We also ensure our clients’ satisfaction by giving them alternatives that would greatly save their effort and money. 

Invest In The Quality Of Your Paint 

Sure, cutting down on your expenses can definitely save you lots of money, but never compromise the quality of your paint. If you trust a team that uses inferior-quality products for your house painting needs, you could encounter flaking, blistering, cracking or other issues, costing you more to repair down the track. 

At Simco Decorating, we ensure that our paints are of top-notch quality & backed with a 5-year warranty. We care about your house painting as much as you do, so we make sure that our products will not cause your walls or surfaces to peel off easily. We only use products that are built to last. On top of that, we also assure each of our clients that our house painting services include proper surface preparation & coating application for long-lasting results. 

Know Your Wall’s Condition 

This simply means that you need to calculate and assess how much painting products you’ll be needing for your home. Not only that, get to know your wall’s condition by checking if there is a need to have it repaired or maintained first before painting. 

As a responsible homeowner, it is relevant to choose the right company for expert advice on your house painting needs. Taking your house painting needs in your own hands may lead to further damage, so make sure you choose the right company to guide you. 

Simco Decorating provides fast & free quotes for your house painting needs. As a team of specialised & qualified painters, we also offer expert advice no matter how complex your house painting needs are. 

Use Thin Coats

To have an even look for your overall house painting, using thin coats saves the day! Using a thin coat results in having appealing surfaces with a much uniform look that is way affordable than thick coats. Not to mention, thick coats may lead to unnecessary drips as it gives way more strain on loading up your brush or roller. Thin coats shouldn’t have to be less durable, though. Make sure to hire a company or ask for the best one on how to pick a high-quality thin coat for your house painting. 

As such, our team at Simco Decorating provides a wide variety of paint coats that are not of lesser quality. We are the leading company in the industry when it comes to premium paints and speciality finishes. As an accredited & qualified team of expert painters, we make sure to use only top-notch products for your house painting needs. After all, we want to give you optimum service satisfaction. 

Ready to experience the best house painting solutions that will definitely save you lots of money? Give us a call on 0400 028 500. We are looking forward to working with you as our client.


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