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Exterior Painting Trends for 2021

by | Apr 6, 2021 | Exterior Painting

We’ve all been busy thinking about home improvements, especially since we’ve been spending more time in our homes these days. Here at Simco Decorating, we get asked by our loyal customers on the latest trends for decorating home interior and exterior. So, we wanted to share the most popular exterior painting trends to watch out for this year.

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#1. Creamy Whites

Off-white has become the exterior paint colour to go for in 2021. We recommend going for a warm tone of creamy white. This shade truly is timeless and can go with any combination or on any kind of house. Try and avoid true whites as you can better pair wood accents with warm whites.

#2. Pale Grays

It does seem like gray is here to stay. It has been a widely adopted shade for interior as well as exterior walls. Becoming an alternative to beige, there is an increased demand for cooler undertones of gray rather than only stark grays. You might also want to consider looking for grays with hints of green or warm undertones. This shade creates a fantastic zen look – the perfect feeling you want to get the moment you reach home.

#3. Beige

Yep! Despite me saying that gray is the new beige, beige really is a colour that is still in demand. No matter how many homes you see with this shade, they all can look good and modern. What I would suggest you should try to avoid is go for the more yellow shades of beige. Go for shades that are closer to off white.

#4. Pale Green and Blue

Pale green and blue shades are becoming extremely popular as accent colours. These shades can be so calming, yet interesting. I’m seeing a lot of our customers fall in love with it and ask for it lately. You can use this as a hue on your shutter or doors or even pair it with a creamy white shade.

#5. Bronze Shades

It is a very interesting shade that is attracting a lot of attention. While it’s quite impossible to capture the bronze shade in paint, we do have some very good options that we’d love to share with you on your next visit to shop. This colour can look even better if you pair it with real bronze metal accents such as bronze patio furniture or porch lights.

#6. Two Tones

There is also a rise in ranch, split-level and contemporary designs. We forecast a spike in trend for designs having two complementary colours. You can think of two tones that work well when combined together. You can think of having one shade on top and the other on bottom or maybe have one on the sides and the other in the middle.

These are some of the shades to inspire you for your next exterior painting project. Contact us today for more inspiration and my team will be more than happy to have a chat to discuss your needs and recommend the best solution and shades for your house.

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